An Apology

An Apology

You may have read in a local paper recently that our Restaurant received a less than flattering score after a visit from environmental health.

We would like to apologise and explain the situation.

In the past year there have been several tragic incidents involving food allergies that have been very high profile. The labelling of nuts and other ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions in some people has been highlighted and the recent visit from the inspector was, in their own terminology a;

Visit focusing on control of allergies

The inspector found that our restaurant was missing several documents and that some of the staff were not able to direct the inspector to the right information regarding food stuffs containing potential allergens (peanut oil for example).

This is an error on our part – and we apologise to our customers for this.


Since the visit we have implemented every corrective action advised, you will now see our allergy advice on entering the restaurant and anyone is welcome to view a menu detailing each dish and the potential allergens it contains. Just ask a member of staff.

It has been suggested that the score reflects the food hygiene standards at Deedar.

This is not the case.


The visit was concerning allergen documentation and training – and we believe we now have taken every step to ensure we are up to code.

We have a new kitchen, and a new menu.

The flood we endured in March kept the restaurant closed for 6 months and we took that opportunity to have a complete refit. Our kitchens are new, and our new restaurant area offers a superb cosmopolitan experience.

The missing allergy information was an oversight on our part. We apologise to our customers – we are looking forward to the next inspection hopefully early in 2019 where we can showcase our improvements.

We have included an image of the document we were given by the inspector and would welcome any customer existing or new to come and see our new policies for themselves.

There are also images of those documents that are posted for public display attached below.